Less than 1,000 sqft

Project Overview

RM 300,000
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
RM 300,000.00

Project Info

As the homeowner prefers a simple and clean aesthetic, designer Ayden chose to keep the home’s foundation a pristine white and utilised clean lines as the key direction for the home’s design. Natural Ash Wood and White colour laminates surfaces are mainly chosen as accompaniment which bring out the home's character and imbue cosiness into a space. Carrara Marble surfaces were used in certain areas, and incorporated brilliantly with white and dresses the wood tones up with a modern flair. For consistency, this design scheme was applied to almost the entire interior, from foyer to sleeping chambers. Firstly, the living room makes use of aforementioned surfaces by incorporating them into the design of a custom-made TV console and cabinets. Secondly, to hide the awkwardness of the previous layout, a wooden slatted wall with hidden door cladded in laminates were designed to lead the guests to the communal area. Thirdly, clad in white laminates, the full height cabinetry the dry kitchen seems to meld seamlessly into the walls that elongates the entire space. Fourthly, the master bedroom also carries a contemporary charm with its clean, natural colours. Together with natural light that comes from the newly revamped balcony, it definitely creates a bright and breezy private zone. Lastly, white stone finishes were used for the cabinets at the foyer. With the addition of lightings and plants decor, it also functions as a featured wall that creates visual harmony within the communal zone. With an emphasis on clean but strong design lines, what Ayden has delivered to the homeowner at the end of the three-month renovation is undoubtedly a home that boasts polished aesthetics and timeless appeal at the same time.